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If you are a figurative sculptor or are intrigued by sculpting... then you need to know about this book!

Many consider it to be the #1 handbook for figurative sculptors and it has also been referred to as the "sculptors bible".

Watch the 3 min video above to discover what is inside this book!


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About the book 

In "Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure," acclaimed sculptor Edouard Lanteri offers an unparalleled guide to the art of sculpting the human form. With his extensive expertise and mastery of the craft, Lanteri provides aspiring sculptors with invaluable insights, techniques, and practical advice.

This timeless book serves as an indispensable resource and a lifelong studio companion to the figure sculptor.

107 full-page photographic plates, 27 other photographs, 175 drawings and diagrams.


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