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Masterpieces in Plaster: Inside the V&A Museum

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Watch the video above for a 2 min tour inside one side of the Cast Court of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England.


Alright, we're here in the Victoria & Albert Museum.

This is one of their cast courts and it has an absolutely incredible selection of plaster casts of masterpiece sculptures. I was particularly blown away by this one corner because you can see we have an incredible Michelangelo collection.

So we've got the Dying Slaves, and the originals are in the Louvre. We have the David with the original being in Italy so this is a plaster cast.

We have the Ghiberti’s bronze doors from Florence. So this is again a plaster cast. These are known as the Doors of Paradise.You can see the amazing detail in them and here they are preserved in all their glory.

It is absolutely incredible because we have the three David's in one shot.

We've got Michelangelo's, we have Donatello's David here and we have as well Verrochios David.

All three masterful sculptors sculpting that same story of the young David slaying the Philistine giant. . .

And I was also particularly impressed with this piece by Michelangelo, which I've never seen before and which really indicated the influence of Michelangelo on Rodin, I think.

I hope you enjoyed that brief tour inside of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Highly recommend visiting if you are in London!


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