Learn to Sculpt with Traditional Techniques

We specialize in teaching you to sculpt the human figure using time-honored methods and materials


use clay to create

In our workshops you will learn how to create sculptures with the same traditional materials that artists have been using for millenia.

You will discover the endless possibilities of water-based clay as a versatile and readily available sculpting material. From quick gestural clay sketches, to roughly textured surfaces, to finely rendered details - clay can do it all and you will learn the processes for various methods of working.

learn the Tools of the Trade

We teach you the tools and language of sculpture.

Clay Modeling Tools: explore the various styles available and learn how to use different tools for the best results in your sculpting.

Armatures: learn how to create different styles of armatures depending on the projects - from simple supporting armatures for clay sculptures that will allow you to prepare your work for kiln firing, to full internal wire armatures that will allow you to create proportionate standing figures for molding and casting.

Kiln-firing: learn how to hollow out your work to allow for kiln-firing, resulting in a one of a kind fired ceramic sculpture (terracotta).



be trained by the masters of the past

The study of plaster casts will deepen your understanding and appreciation of art history while improving your sculpting abilities.

Historically artists were trained using plaster casts of master works as references for their work before going on to work directly from the live model.

This tradition serves as a very useful step in training your eye using a stable, simplified form before moving to the complexity of working from direct observation of the living body.

Torso Écorché Front.jpg

study anatomy of the human figure

The study of human anatomy is an important element of learning to sculpt the figure. Through short, hands-on anatomical lectures and demonstrations during the workshops, you will learn key information to apply directly to your project.

We will explore:

  • essential skeletal landmarks of the body

  • simplification of the skeleton into main blocks

  • important muscle groups that influence the form

  • key proportions and measurements


Be INspired working from live models

You will have the opportunity to sculpt from direct observation of live models. The human figure provides endless inspiration in its variety of forms and the emotion it can portray.

You will learn how to work effectively with models, how to model the clay to achieve a more life-like sculpture, and how to capture the essence of the person through proportion, gesture and form.

Improving your ability to sculpt from life is a key component and goal of joining a workshop.