$147.00 USD


1 Day Figure Sculpting Workshop: Clay Quick Sketch

Capture the essence of the human figure in clay!   

Create a figure sculpture in one day in this online workshop. You’ll sculpt a small female figure in clay from photo reference, with a focus on understanding the pose, gesture, and volume.

Saturday, May 27th / 6:30 - 9 pm CET (see your time zone here)
Hands-on live Zoom workshop + recording. Limited class size.


What You'll Learn:

The clay quick sketch is one of the BEST exercises for improving your skills and it's alot of FUN!

- what supplies and how to set up (for beginners)

-how to work with the material of clay (no armature)
- how to work effectively from photo reference
- quick proportion "cheats" for small figure studies

- eye training techniques to make your figure look more "right"
- how to use your tools effectively

Who It's For:

Beginners: this is the perfect introduction to the process and experience of creating a figure sculpture using the material of clay. When you enrol, you will receive immediate access to instructions on what supplies + how to get set up at home quickly and easily.

2D Artists: sculpting is the best way to improve your sense of form, volume, and structure in your drawing and painting. Sculpting the body in three dimensions will improve your 2D artwork!

Sculpture students & sculptors: This exercise will improve your figure sculptures quickly. Learning to capture the essentials of the pose will make your longer projects more successful from the start (proportions, likeness & gesture). You only get better if you practice!

Meet Your Model

You'll create a seated female figure with the inspiration of French art model Audrey.

How it Works 

The Preparation:
When you register, you'll receive instant access to a private student-only webpage with everything you need:

- Beginners Sculpting Supply List PDF (including tools)
- Video instruction on how to set up for success at home
- Professional life model reference photos (semi-nude) 
-Photo Setup Guide PDF

The LIVE Workshop:
This is a hands-on workshop so come prepared to sculpt!

You'll learn the process through a combo of pre-recorded video + live demonstration.

You’ll create your sculpture with my instruction and support, as well as the motivation of the group! You can ask questions as they arise (chat or audio).

2 Weeks Access:
A full recording of the live workshop will be available to review for 2 weeks.

Group Critique Upgrade:
Add on this upgrade during registration to get individualized feedback on your work! You have 3 days after the workshop to submit images of your sculpture, and I’ll create a video with detailed encouragement and suggestions for improvement (drawn over your images).
*Recommended for faster progress!

What’s Included

 ✔️ 2.5 Hour Live Workshop 
✔️ Sculpting Supply List PDF 
✔️ Setup for Success Video

✔️ High-Quality Model Reference Photos
✔️ Printable PDF Reference Handouts
✔️ Live Demonstrations PLUS Q&A
✔️ 2 Weeks Access to the Workshop + Recording (online streaming)

 *Due to the live nature of the workshop, no refunds are available. If an unforeseen situation prevents your live attendance, you can access the recording.

Let's dive into the clay and get creating!

In just one day - you'll create something new and enjoy the process of watching a figure take shape in clay!