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Learn the fundamentals of sculpting the human figure in clay at your own pace!
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Curious Beginners 

Have you always wanted to try sculpting? Start with strong foundations and discover the possibilities of clay as an excellent medium for expressing your creativity!


Visual Artists

Are you a painter or a 2D artist? You will discover the 3D structure and anatomy of the human figure through clay (plus improve your drawings + paintings!)


Sculpture Students

Are you already sculpting? Let's take your figurative skills up to the next level and create a figure sculpture that you are proud of.


Learn to See like a Sculptor  

Sharpen your observational skills with clay

Learn strong foundations in traditional methods

Learning to sculpt the human figure provides a strong foundation in clay modelling techniques. You will learn the traditional methods used in classical Greece, the Italian Renaissance and the academies of France.

Sculpt a female figure from a life model

You will sculpt the figure with the inspiration of Zoé, a French life model in a classic seated pose using provided photographic reference. 

The scale is quarter-life size (approx 40 cm), making it easy to work at home on a tabletop, or in your art studio.

Yes I want to Sculpt!

Learn to See Like a Sculptor


Sharpen your observational skills

Create a figure sculpture in clay  

Learning to sculpt the figure is a process that is exciting and challenging. With good instruction and support, you will enjoy the process each step of the way. However, without guidance, it can be difficult to get started, or you might get stuck.

Right now you may be:

  • Not sure how to get started with supplies and setup
  • Lacking motivation or inspiration to get yourself into the studio
  • Frustrated at your current results or even doubting your own abilities
  • Struggling with understanding proportions or capturing likeness of the model
  • Wondering how to train your eye to see the errors in your own work
  • Lacking access to life models or good photo reference
  • Needing a sculpting mentor to boost your progress

This course will help you:

  • Know exactly what materials you need and how to create a simple armature
  • Jumpstart your motivation and get you in the studio creating with your hands in clay
  • Use a system of measurement from the life model that can be adapted to any scale
  • Train your eye to see more accurately
  • Understand how to use photo reference (provided)
  • Prepare your clay for kiln firing to create a permanent sculpture
Follow a step-by step process to create a figure sculpture in clay from start to finish!

You will create a small-scale seated female figure at quarter life-size on a simple armature. This is an easy size to begin with and is accessible for most people working from a home studio. 

After the course, you will be able to use this process to confidently create your own sculptures.

Meet Your Instructor


Hi there, I'm Melanie Furtado. I've been sculpting for over a decade and have helped hundreds of people just like you to begin or to improve their sculpting journey.

Learning the fundamentals of traditional figurative sculpture will empower you with the skills and knowledge to find your own creative freedom. 

I created this course to help you avoid the struggles of going it alone and to help you advance further in your own artistic path.

The sculptors journey is better when shared. I look forward to creating sculptures together!

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Melanie in Studio
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Course Syllabus

The entire process is broken down step-by-step into 7 Modules.


Set Up for Success

Gather all your supplies and learn how to get yourself ready for a successful sculpture:

  • set up your working space (home or studio) 
  • tips on using water-based clay for beginners
  • exactly how to set up your reference photos of the model
  • an effective 30 min exercise to get you sculpting the figure quickly with confidence  

Proportions & Block In

Build strong foundations for your sculpture:

  • apply simple canons & measurements for accurate proportions
  • build a simple removable armature 
  • dive into the clay to create the initial block-in of the figure


Simplify the Structure

Learn key anatomical landmarks that reveal the underlying structure of the body:

  • simplify the structure of the body into easy-to-understand geometric shapes
  • the essential anatomical landmarks to create a realistic figure 
  • train your eye to see the models shapes accurately  
  • create a strong sense of structure in your clay figure 

Sculpting Organic Forms

Learn key principles to help you sculpt the organic surface forms of the body. 

  • 6 Key Principles to improve your working methods for better results 
  • 3 Ways to see the model to train your eye for accuracy 
  • how to use your sculpting tools effectively to create what you see 

Sculpting the Portrait

Learn how to sculpt the features of the face with proportions and likeness: 

  • sculpt accurate proportions of the human face 
  • use measurements from the model to capture individuality 
  • sculpt facial features effectively on a small scale

Sculpting the Hands & Feet

Learn how to simplify the anatomical structure of the hands and feet:

  • Hand Proportions for sculpting in any position
  • Essential Structure and anatomy of the foot
  • How to see the forms in three dimensions

Finishing Touches

Learn how to complete your sculpture and prepare it for kiln firing:

  • How to know if your sculpture is "finished"
  • Finishing techniques and tool use for a harmonious surface
  • Step-by-step of the complete hollowing process to prepare for kiln firing

See Why Our Students Love This Course...  


Better Intuitive Sense of the Human Figure

"I've gotten a much better intuitive sense of the human figure overall, and got a lot more practice with breaking down what I see into information I can translate to 3-d forms. I really enjoyed the whole process."

- Odin


"The quality of the videos is SO GOOD, simple, to the point and short. You have a gift!! I love the critiques of others' work, as one learns so much from that. The downloadable worksheets are invaluable. I think all the elements of the course are very very well done."

- Sally

Clear & Easy to Follow! 

"The presentation of this course is great. It covers the basics and does constantly remind me to use the checklist, & measure, measure, measure. I need those reminders... Every aspect of your presentation is clear and easy to follow."

- Terry

What's Included:

Here's everything you get when you join the course!

Step-by-step Video Instruction

Follow the sculpting process step-by-step with concise instructional videos that are easy to watch and apply. Melanie will explain the key principles and demonstrate the process firsthand. You can pause, rewind and rewatch as many times as you like!

Sculpting Supply List

You will get a complete supply list including recommended tools and where to purchase them. If you are new to clay sculpture, there are helpful lessons introducing basic clay techniques, how to clean up and how to use your tools effectively so you can start sculpting confidently.

High-Quality Model Reference Photos

You will work from professional photographs of a female figure model with the exact angles needed for sculpting. This includes detail shots for the hands, feet and face, as well as a complete set of model measurements.

Printable Handouts & Worksheets

Key information is included as printable PDFs and Worksheets to draw right on top of and to use in your studio as a reference during the sculpting process so that you always have what you need, even if you are away from the computer.

24/7 Online Access

Learn at your own pace and schedule with unlimited access to the dedicated online course hub. You can watch or re-watch the videos at any time (24/7). You can also access the course on your mobile devices via an app. Perfect for viewing in the studio!


+ Additional Bonuses!

Extra bonus support to ensure you have the best result in this course!

Learning Vault

Watch Melanie give in-depth student critiques including draw-overs in Photoshop right over images of the actual sculptures in progress so that you learn exactly how to see your own work more clearly

Fresh Eyes Checklist

A printable checklist with 10 essential techniques that will help you see your work with Fresh Eyes. These techniques are proven to renew your own inner ability to see more clearly (exactly what Melanie uses in the studio). You will make leaps and bounds on your ability to self-critique!


How it Works

8 Weeks of Instruction

Each week you’ll get an email with a new Module release to watch at your convenience! 

Fits Your Schedule 

This course is designed to fit into your schedule. You can choose to do the course when it works for you! 

Unlimited Access

You can spend as much time as you like on your project, plus go back and review the process - You have unlimited access to the entire course! 


See Why Our Students Love This Course...


Learned How to Correct My Mistakes! 

"I learned more effective ways of measuring, sculpting gestures, how to really look at the model, how to correct mistakes, how to prepare a sculpture for firing, among others. I'm getting closer with the face. It was a very fun project!"

- Paula

Gained Confidence! 

"I learned to trust the process more and in so gained confidence. Thank you Melanie for all your pep talks and insights into the process as I work on my piece I keep on hearing your advices ūüėä you are talking to me!"

- Louise

Learned to Create a Likeness! 

" wonderful it is to use a system that I've learned here to actually work toward creating a likeness. The last module on the face, with the step-by-step individual videos is in my opinion BRILLIANT. Thank you for the immense amount of work you did for us to learn so well."

- Beverly
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Figure Sculpting in Clay

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Start sculpting now and pay over 3 months.


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  • 7 Course Modules¬†
  • Step-by-step Video Instruction¬†
  • Complete Supply List
  • High-Quality Model Reference Photos
  • Printable Handouts & Worksheets
  • 24/7 Online¬†course hub + app
  • Unlimited¬†Course Access
  • BONUS #1¬†Learning Vault
  • BONUS #2¬†Fresh Eyes Checklist

Registration closes:
Sept 15th at 11:59pm PT


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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't completely satisfied with Figure Sculpting in Clay, let me know within 30 days of the purchase date and you'll get a full refund.

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What Past Sculpting Students Are Saying


Melanie is very informative, knowledgeable, and kind. Learning to see is very valuable- my painting of figures has improved and I am more confident. I am now interested in a whole new world of art!


You learn and have fun at the same time. You leave the class wanting more - and most importantly, with the confidence that YOU TOO can sculpt.


I find that I am looking at everything with fresh eyes. I will be able to apply this to my drawing and painting, and will also be able to look at and appreciate sculpture in a different way.

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