Spend Your Summer Sculpting in Paris

Experience the summer immersed in sculpture, surrounded by the rich cultural atmosphere of Paris.



wake up and sculpt

The immersive studio curriculum will allow you to dive deep into your creativity and see real improvement in your skills.

During the week we will spend our days sculpting in the studio. The continued pace of sculpting each day will allow you to make large improvements in a short period of time.

During the evenings and weekends you will have time to experience the city and its incredible wealth of culture and inspiration.

discover MUSEUMS & Exhibitions

You will be filled with inspiration from visiting the world’s best museums and art collections.

  • Louvre

  • D’Orsay Museum

  • Rodin Museum

  • Bourdelle Museum

  • Pompidou

  • Petit Palais

  • Grand Palais



Experience ART history Firsthand

You will discover first hand the most significant artists of European art history.

Being able to visit the artworks while also studying in the studio will give you a deeper understanding of the artworks, and you will be able to apply this new insight directly into your own sculpting.

Artists you will be influenced by include Michelangelo, Rodin, Canova, Bernini, Houdon, Claudel, Carpeaux, etc.


During your time in Paris, you will enjoy the benefits of French culture and the artistic magic of the city.

From pastries to wine, cheese, architecture, clothing, and design - there is something for everyone to fall in love with in Paris.

The simple French joie de vivre will influence you to wander slowly down the banks of the river Seine and savour the moment, creating life-long memories.

Upcoming Workshops in Paris

Summer Figure in Paris - July/Aug 2020