Study Sculpture on Canada’s West Coast

Study European sculpture traditions in the pristine natural environment of Vancouver Island




We bring the rich sculpture traditions and history from Europe to you on the West Coast of Canada.

You will learn traditional clay modeling techniques that have their origins in the ateliers of France and Italy. Our methods will train your eyes and hands to work from direct observation. We will work both from casts of masterworks brought from Europe as well as directly from nature using live models.

The inspiring lineage of the great sculptors of the past gives us inspiration: Michelangelo, Bernini, Rodin, Houdon, Dalou, Claudel, amoung many others.


Experience the spacious and pristine West Coast of Canada during your free time. Vancouver Island is also surrounded by smaller Gulf Islands known for their natural beauty.

You can experience leisure activities such as:

  • cycling and hiking trails

  • whale watching tours

  • kayaking lessons

  • shopping from local designers

  • local food restaurants and cafes

  • farmers markets for fresh produce


VIBRANT Studio Atmosphere

Our workshops are located in the heart of Victoria, a small and charming coastal town on Vancouver Island. You will be sculpting in the Chinatown district, where everything you need is within a 10 min walk.

Our central location allows you to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the downtown culture during the breaks and free time:

  • Art galleries showing the work of local artists

  • Independant shops with artisan designers and crafts

  • Many wonderful cafes and restaurants surrounding the area

  • Inner Harbour walkway beside the famous Empress Building

  • Oldest Chinatown in Canada with a vibrant artist community

Upcoming Workshops in Canada

Fall Portrait in Canada - November 2019

Spring Figure in Canada - May 2020