FAQ’s for Sculpture Workshops

Will I be the only newbie in the group?

Each workshop has a mix of previous participants, creatives from a different field who have never sculpted before, or complete beginners.

All instructor feedback is individualized to your level so that you can progress at your own pace.

Is airfare and accommodation included?

Our Canada and Paris sculpture workshops do not include accommodation or airfare. This way you are completely flexible to add additional travel to your trip and arrange lodgings in the standard of comfort that you prefer. A recommended list of accommodation resources can be provided to registered participants before the workshop.

Accommodations and catering is included for the Sculpture Retreat in the South of France.

Can I bring my sculpture home with me after the workshop?

There are various options for preserving your sculpture after the course.

Some workshops include preparing the sculpture for kiln firing. Molding and casting services can also be recommended, as well as shipping advice. Please note that additional fees apply. The options for each workshop will be outlined after registration.

All sculpting materials are included in the workshop fee so that you can simply show up and get started.

A list of recommended Sculpting Tools will be provided to registered participants before the workshop.

What materials do I need to bring for the workshops?

Can I arrive late or leave early for the workshop?

Late arrival and early departure are not possible for the workshops to ensure that you have the best possible experience. All projects are designed to use the full amount of course time.

Yes, instalments are possible. A full Payment Schedule and the Terms and Conditions will be outlined during registration.

Is it possible to pay in instalments for the workshop?