Sculptor of the Month: Giacometti

Sculptor of the Month: Giacometti


Giacometti was a Swiss sculptor who moved to Paris in 1922, where he remained in his tiny 200 square foot studio until his death in 1966.

He is best known for his textured, distorted figures that got thinner and taller as the years progressed. He sculpted the same model many times in an endless pursuit to discover the truth of their form, their essence.

His atelier was located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, where it currently remains empty. The Insitut Giacometti has created a reconstruction of his environment, including the original walls of his atelier with their drawings, and the last work in raw clay that was still in progress when he died. The banner image shows a photograph from the exhibition Saisir L’invisible which displayed black and white photographs by Peter Lindberg of Giacometti’ sculptures.

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Below is a video of Giacometti sculpting in his Paris studio filmed in 1967.