Sculptures of Paris - Bourdelle Museum

The Bourdelle Museum in Paris is a gem for sculpture lovers. It was French sculptor Antoine Bourdelle's former studio, preserved as a museum with indoor halls, studio, and gardens.

Here is an excerpt from a book I picked up there on his life:

"With Nature one must be at once humble, tenacious and ardent, if one wishes to discover her laws. An artist must be all these things if he is to return to the immortal objects a shepherd of genius has daily within reach of his mind and hand."

Entrance of the museum

Display of Bourdelle's casts from antiquity

Tool display, with huge calipers!

Some of his MANY sculptures of Beethoven

Beautiful Marble 

Studies for his Gladiator, one of him most successful works

Monumental work in the great hall

Haunting monumental figures